There’s an App for that!

Cool news from the Stuart Collection this week. A new iPhone App made by CEO Softcenters, and featuring my videos, is now available. It showcases each of the 17 videos I made for the Stuart Collection. Here is the UCSD News story. The iPhone and iPad Apps can be found here. The videos will also be added to a Western Arts Federation database which will be showcased at the 2011 Americans for the Arts annual convention which is being held in San Diego next week.

New Free Clinic and Solar Power Videos

I’ve had the pleasure of working on some really interesting video projects lately. A few weeks ago I edited a four-video series for the UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic, and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ellen Beck who started the clinic. She’s a remarkable person who knows how to bring out the best in the people around her. The videos were featured at Clinic’s annual fundraiser.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I was approached about making a training video and animation for UCSD’s new solar thermal water heating system, which is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. I worked with the campus engineer to create the animation below. The details were very important, so I had to learn all about how the system works. I know more about solar water heating than I ever thought I would.

Stuart Collections Videos

“The Stuart Collection at the University of California San Diego seeks to enrich the cultural, intellectual, and scholarly life of the UCSD campus and the San Diego community by building and maintaining a unique collection of site-specific sculpture by leading artists of our time.”

Here are links to 17 short videos I made about the collection.

Stuart Collection podcasts

This summer I had the opportunity to create a series of short videos for the Stuart Collection. The project was part of the 50th Anniversary of UCSD. In total I made 17 short videos, one for each public sculpture in the collection. It was a big task because the sculptures are spread across the large 1200 acre University campus. Many of the them I have walked by for years, others I saw for the first time the day I arrived to shoot the video. Spending time with each piece as I shot them, I developed an appreciation for the subtleties, the mise-en-scène, so to speak, of the environment of each sculpture. A sunny day or an overcast day changed everything, and in more than one video I showed up to film just as the marine layer blew in. This is most noticeable in the Kiki Smith video.

The Stuart Collection is challenging. It asks viewers to think a little harder about what art is, and what it does, and for that reason, I adore it. Every time I hear someone say that they don’t like a piece or they don’t get it, I’m gratified somehow. Art is not necessarily easy, it’s not always about liking it, and if “getting it” was required, well, we’d be missing a lot of great art.

The Stuart Collection is brave. I’m proud that UCSD has such a rich collection of contemporary public art. I hope my videos about each sculpture are informative. It will be interesting to see how the meaning of each piece in the collection evolves over the next 50 years. The videos can be viewed online at UCSD-TV or on YouTube, they can also be downloaded for viewing on portable devices. Here is my video about the first sculpture in the Stuart Collection, SunGod, installed in 1983, created by Niki de Saint Phalle.

KPBS Notices

A few weeks ago I posted a short clip of a video I’m working on for the Stuart Collection at UCSD on Youtube. The Arts and Culture Producer for KPBS happen to notice and had her assistant Jen Paton call me for more information. This is the resulting Culture Lust blog post by Jen:

It’s always nice to get a little recognition, especially when you’re really not expecting it! Here is a link to the video:

A little information about Megan

I am an independent filmmaker and multimedia artist based in San Diego, California. In November 2009 I finished my first documentary feature film entitled Finding Home. You can read more about it here

I teach Art and Photography classes at UCSD Extension, and I am a Principal Producer/Director at Academic Computing and Media Services at the University of California San Diego. What does a Principal Producer/Director do? In my case, I produce, direct, and edit videos. I coordinate the campus digital signage system, Carousel. I help faculty with the use of i>Clicker (the campus student response polling system), and I provide general graphic design and marketing know-how to my department and others on campus.