Online Portfolio of Megan O'Connor

Megan's Teaching Philosophy

I am committed to being an excellent teacher. Dedicating myself to my students’ education is a priority in tandem with maintaining my professional and creative practice as an artist, as I find teaching is a rewarding experience that feeds my passion for doing creative work, and creative work is a cathartic experience that energizes and informs my teaching. word

I feel a great deal of personal responsibility for my students’ success. Clearly orienting students to my teaching style and my goals for them sets the stage for a positive learning experience from the first day. In every class I teach, I strive to create a solid foundation of knowledge, of both the technical and conceptual, and build on that. Above all I believe providing constructive criticism is essential for students to be able to improve.

Finally, I believe real teaching is about growing and learning with my students. I am a humble teacher. I do not know everything, but I can and will find answers to my students’ questions. I am also happy to hear their ideas and suggestions. I particularly appreciate working with diverse groups of students as I feel that diversity (whether race, age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background) enriches the educational environment by bringing a variety of life experiences and philosophies to the classroom.

I teach because I love to teach, and because I find it fulfilling. I enjoy seeing students grow and excel beyond what they thought was possible. For me, teaching is a rewarding and creative process all its own. get know how to games casino no deposit online poker roulette play blackjack craps

Thoughts on Writing for Science

I recently completed a documentary/promotional video for the Hydrologic Research Center a Non-Profit Public Benefit Research Corporation est. in 1993 based in San Diego. Though my background is not in science I have always had a great appreciation for the sciences, and was happy to have a chance to work on this project. I've always thought that artists and scientists have a great deal in common because both engage in a process of experimentation and exploration that is inherently creative, and frequently tedious and unyielding! Working with the Hydrologic Research Center I was responsible for communicating to the general public about what their scientists are doing and how that research is for the public good. Explaining what the HRC does was a process of demystification. We needed to communicate something very technical in a way that was precise and comprehensible without oversimplifying it. My background working in film helped me develop a strategy for communicating the technical information while telling an interesting story about the research. In the end I enjoyed this project, and I hope to do more work in this area in the future.