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As Good As Touching, 2004, 16mm color film

A medley of melodrama, inspired by the great German director Fassbinder and his Spanish equivalent
Almodovar, this film is a satire and social critique of what it is to be a young and self-involved American
in the midst of a world in turmoil. The film is filled with John Cassavetes-esque acting to an extreme and
explores a variety of touchy subjects through an operatic narrative of relationships gone awry.


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The Car Wash Image

The Car Wash, 2003, video

What is scarier: to hitchhike or pickup hitchhikers? One homeless Gulf War Veteran gets a surprise when
the woman he’s hitched a ride with is a little crazier than he is – and just as lonely.



Alex and Cheri Image

Alex and Cheri, 2003, 16mm color film

Love is a four-letter word illustrated through a series of dialog-driven vignettes. Inspired by all things
lovely, including the French writers Stendal and Colette. The film takes a look at the vulgarity of love
from a domestic ultra-feminine milieu vis-à-vis a stylization like Fassbinder's Petra Von Kant.



Don't Blink image

Don't Blink, 2003, 16mm black and white film

Neighborly perverseness leads to a dance of the sexes. Whose gaze wins out in this competition?
This is a territorial battle between neighbors for the rights to each other’s visual space. Next time
you walk by a stranger, see who looks away first.



Three Brief Phrases, 2002, 16mm black and white film

Originally based off a poem this film explores ideas of “relationship” in three phases. The relation-
ships are spatial, temporal, and romantic. Words and images are juxtaposed as in a poem to lead the
viewer to new and contrasting ideas. Sometime understanding how things are related is clearer
when we understand how things are not.

Three Brief Phrases Image


Untitled, 1997, mixed-media (video coming soon)

What happens when the division between real and unreal is breeched? This is a short multimedia
project composed of still images and intertwined stories that attempt to uncover that place
somewhere between fiction and fact. This piece was made way back in 1998. The images are
from paintings by Megan.

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